Mobile jammers can block strong signal pulses

Highly confidential chats, encrypted mobile phones up to 1800 Euros, communication programs, cost more than 1600 Euros for half a year. “Boviciani” spared no effort to protect their illegal traffic from insects from the slide investigators led by director Maurizio Vallone.

Accessing in the “closed network” of the Giorgi family is not easy. However, for some time, the police have been working on an algorithmic system that can break through technical barriers and transform the conversations conducted on these phones-the detailed information most requested by the Bq and Sky brands. Just press a button to permanently delete the phone conversation in the chat. “I noticed-we read about the bug attached to the bug-it was there when the system was eavesdropped on, but… it was “0000”… eee, I will burn it… you will burn the system if so , They burned… whoever sent your contact, everything burned. Good stuff… if I cancel…”.

Thanks to Encrochat: This program can ensure maximum protection of the confidentiality of communications and data, and effectively disable all access ports, including microphones and cameras. “Boviciani” talked to each other and contacted the narcotics supplier. They organized a transit and chose ports in northern Italy or Germany and the Netherlands.

In order not to be recognized, they have never used their name even in the confidential messaging system, but rely on nicknames, which are assigned to them, such as Thumb, Alfio, Thong, N’toni Black, Big Nose, Small kiss, long hair or big nose.

“The only drawback of these phones here-discussing some topics with each other in the Platinum Slide Operating Notes-is that you have to enter two passwords.” For those engaged in the multi-million dollar drug business, this is rare of.

“The investigation record stated that it is clear that the necessity for the staff to use this communication method is entirely due to not being intercepted and/or not leaving any traces of the conversation to prove (“if necessary) this behavior at the time of arrest. The illegal reason for the crime is obviously adopted in an organized and subjective situation, precisely in order to make it easy to take follow-up actions to a given criminal plan.”

For fear of being intercepted, the suspect also used “cell phone jammer“, devices built into cars that can block GSM and GPS frequencies by spreading strong and constant pulses.

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