Mobile jammers can effectively intercept surrounding networks

According to British media reports, on May 3, Nissan launched a special cell phone jammer storage box to deal with driver distractions. This weapon is expected to be used in future models, which will greatly reduce the interference caused by mobile phones. This weapon, which Nissan calls a signal jammer, first appeared in the Nissan Juke Small Crossover. Place a “Faraday cage” next to the armrest compartment of the car seat, which can completely block all mobile phones from receiving signals, Bluetooth and WLAN. If the driver puts the mobile phone in this compartment, the driver will not receive any signal, which eliminates the safety hazards of using the mobile phone while driving. Of course, to achieve the same effect, the owner only needs to turn off the phone. But Nissan said that the original design of the cell phone jammer was to provide drivers with a choice without having to turn off the phone while driving. RAC data provides strong support for Nissan’s approach. Data shows that the number of drivers who use mobile phones while driving has risen from 8% in 2014 to 31% last year. Mobile phone interference while driving is no longer limited to sending and receiving text messages or answering calls.

It is worth mentioning that outdated technologies like Blusnarfing. The term itself means the use of Bluetooth to hack into various mobile devices. Previously, it was rarely used due to its shortcomings: hackers had to keep it within 10 meters (30 feet) of the target because it was within the Bluetooth receiving range. But now, with the expansion of the Bluetooth working range, it is becoming more and more popular. Sometimes hackers can even use very sensitive unidirectional antennas to complete these hacking attacks from a distance. However, protecting yourself from damage is very simple. Desktop mobile jammers can effectively intercept surrounding WiFi networks to protect security. But sometimes dangerous mobile apps can not only steal your money, but also collect your personal information. Generally, these applications require access to your browsing history, contact list, and device physical memory. In addition, it will try to obtain authorization for unrestricted Internet access. If you find that applications that are not related to Internet services require unlimited Internet access, please try to avoid this situation. This is the main reason why mobile phone signals interfere with devices in many offices or business center meeting rooms.

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