Cell phone jammer blocked network communication technology

Mobile phone signal jammers have become standard equipment in the exam room. Not only the high school and college entrance examinations, but also postgraduate exams, civil service exams and various qualification certificate exams, mobile phone signal jammers are needed to prevent candidates from communicating with the outside world through wireless signals. In the examination room of mobile cell phone jammer, various mobile phone signals (2345G), wireless intercom signals, Bluetooth WiFi signals, etc. will be blocked by interference.

In the beginning, when the mobile phone jammer appeared, everyone was very happy. In the beginning, the signal jammer was not actually set up for the exam scene. The initial application of cell phone jammers was actually a prison. Prisons need physical and information isolation. In order to ensure the security and privacy of information in the prison’s high-wall compound, it is necessary for the prison to isolate the communication signals between the prison and the prison. This is the original intention of the mobile phone jammer. When the mobile phone signal jammer was first invented, the whole world only developed into the 2G era. At that time, although there were three domestic operators, the mobile phones used the second-generation network communication technology. The communication frequency of mobile phones used by manufacturers of different standards is not bad.

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