Cell phone jammers are important equipment in prisons

Many people have this problem. I have a question about cell phone jammer. “It’s okay to ban mobile phones in schools. Can it really be done? Teachers who work in the field only keep it. I think it’s difficult. But whether it’s forbidden. For example, I think there are ways to install mobile jammers in schools. , But what about the law, is it illegal for individuals to install such a machine at will? It depends on what the machine is, but if it emits radio waves, you need to obtain a license for the radio station. If you do not obtain a permit by yourself Deciding to install it is a violation of the Radio Law. If it only emits weak radio waves, it is outside the provisions of the Radio Law, but it is difficult to think that things that affect other machines are within that range.

Of course, cell phone jammers are also a necessity in prison. Since 2005, authorities have confiscated more than 6,000 mobile phones in 55 prisons in North Carolina, of which 443 were this year. Until 2012, the authorities implemented airport-like immigration procedures in heavily guarded prisons, such as metal detectors, X-ray scanners and well-trained dogs, and this number has been rising steadily. Authorities said that after Jensen was kidnapped, a state law was passed that made it a crime to provide cellphones to prison inmates, which also served as a deterrent. Some facilities use administrative access, which is an expensive system that can block unauthorized cell signals in certain areas of the prison

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