Cell phone jammers reduce complaints in life

Due to the provisions of the Radio Law, it is impossible to emit strong radio waves like overseas routers, but it seems that there are some products that can be used in three-story houses within the specified maximum power range. I want to live without Wi-Fi, but is it difficult in today’s modern society? This certainly seems difficult. In the United States, some cities prohibit the use of mobile phones, routers and other devices that emit mobile cell phone jammer. It is said that people with electromagnetic allergies gather here. It may be necessary to create a city that prohibits the use of radio waves. Or buy something like a soundproof box, and then paste the material that blocks electromagnetic waves inside or outside the box? By the way, electromagnetic waves have an “ionization effect”, which generates positive and negative charges on the material they strike. Due to this effect, the radio can listen to music, the TV antenna generates electricity, and through amplification, you can watch news and dramas on the LCD screen.

And it seems that human nerves are transmitted through electrical signals. When the electrical signals generated by detecting these substances are transmitted to the brain through nerves, allergies such as wheat allergy and egg allergy may also occur. The brain of an average person may ignore electrical signals, but the brain of an allergic person is sensitive and may even die in some cases. A convenient cell phone jammer in everyday life seems like a good idea: Who wants to sit next to someone on the train who complains to the doctor about the rough details of their last bowel movement? If you stop texting your best friend every two minutes, would you do more work in the library or at work? Besides. The use of mobile phones in the classroom is now so common that students now believe that they have the right to use them in the classroom. They do not listen to the instructions, and they must repeat the instructions many times when texting, listening to mobile phone music, playing games, or watching videos or movies. Some students even talk or talk in class. In this case, signal jamming devices should be used.

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