Cell phone jammers are protected from any type of tracking

Recently, we wrote an article on how Verizon Wireless started selling customer information to major advertisers. The company passes your location, gender, and age information to them so that advertisers can now provide you with relevant ads based on your location. Although this information has been non-personalized, this fact shows us that the major cellular service operators can easily find us. You should know that using browser data or data provided by satellite navigation for this type of tracking is very useful not only for advertisers but also for law enforcement. Fighting cybercrime or mobile fraud will be easier. On the other hand, it can also help several criminals. As we have already mentioned, not only GPS can be used, but also data from cellular networks can be used to locate you. In this case, your approximate coordinates are calculated between the three nearest cell phone towers. The only way to prevent this is to use cell phone jammer devices. This signal blocker will protect you from any type of tracking.

As more and more jammers flooded into the war zone, the chaos became more chaotic. Over the past few months, the gap in electronic warfare expertise between the Army and the Navy has been obvious. “We have all these boxes, but people don’t know how to use them,” said Aram Macy, commander of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. “They intend to open them, thinking that they are protected, but in fact they are not.” Electronic “cannibalism” incidents intensified, and more and more cases of wifi interference interfered with coalition radios and even radio links with drones. More soldiers shut down their CREW systems instead of risking sabotaging their radios; there are rumors that cell phone jammers are detonating improvised explosive devices.

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