Portable Wi-Fi jammer blocks all wireless connections

The fact that modern mobile phone users are turning to smart phones puts the security of these mobile devices at a very high priority. As we all know, smart phones are often used for various services, which is why they sometimes contain sensitive information. These gadgets also collect your personal information, which may be shared with thieves. This may be the main reason why the security of mobile operating systems is facing new and very high requirements. The first thing you can do here is to pay attention to the wireless network. No matter what you are trying to connect to, the connection itself can be very dangerous. You should know that Wi-Fi networks are inherently dangerous, and they are vulnerable to various hacker attacks and attacks. There are even mobile apps designed to hack wireless connections, so the thief only needs a tablet or even a simple smartphone to hack your phone using Wi-Fi. It is also important to check your smartphone settings, as many of them try to connect to any network that can be accessed by default. This is useful if you plan to activate the Wi-Fi module when it is not needed. Or just use a portable wifi jammer to block all wireless connections in the area.

Russia has now established WiFi jammers and the ability to intercept drone video streams. The country has a variety of airborne portable electronic warfare systems that can interfere with the transmission and transmission of false information on the network, including “spoofing” signals, and can send groups and vehicles, such as the most common WiFi jammers that affect navigation and positioning. Especially in Syria, more and more evidence shows that the US military is largely worried about the possibility of signal interference or other interference with navigation networks. The theater first reported that in 2016 we released the US Air Force Intelligence Summary at least once a week, which is a carefully edited form that we passed the Freedom of Information Act, which includes the entire chapters and questions. May interfere with radio frequency and positioning satellite signals. Signal jamming equipment disrupted the control functions of commercial drones. Many countries are ready for robot-to-robot combat. For example, high-power UAV jammers have been successfully tested on UAVs about 300 meters away. “In the future, I plan to make a WiFi jammer with a screen.” Eng Hosni said that his company is seeking permission from the relevant authorities to sell the jammer to both parties. “I also hope that the research committee can identify the device and apply for a patent.”

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