Mobile phone jammer interrupts contact with base station

Although the name of a mobile phone jammer is called a mobile phone signal jammer, it does not actually shield the signal. On the contrary, another name is more suitable for it-a signal jammer. Generally speaking, the connection between the mobile phone and the mobile phone will pass through the base station, that is, the path of mobile phone-base station-mobile phone. Signal jammers will interfere with the communication path between the mobile phone and the base station, resulting in abnormal transmission. However, the base station is shared by mobile phones within a certain range, so it is often the case that the mobile phone signals cannot be used normally when not in the conference room.

With the development of economy and society, mortgage cars have become a kind of car consumption. Bian Xiao once saw someone spend 100,000 to 200,000 yuan on luxury cars such as Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. Why? Of course it is because the mortgage car is cheap. The original car owner mortgaged his luxury car at a low price because of an urgent need for money. If the capital turnover does not exceed the deadline, he will lose the ownership of the car. Mortgage agencies ultimately want money rather than physical goods, so they all choose to sell cars. Therefore, consumers who buy mortgage cars have the opportunity to buy luxury cars at low prices. Of course, buying a mortgage car is risky. In addition to the lack of understanding of whether the original car has had a breakdown or accident before, the biggest problem is that the car is equipped with a tracker or locator. If the original homeowner found out and drove away secretly within a few days of buying the house, wouldn’t it be a great loss? It just so happens that cell phone jammer can prevent others from tracking you.

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