Mobile phone jammers eliminate any electronic cheating

The 5G license was issued in June 2019. Since then, 5G mobile phone signals have begun to be commercialized, and major operators have also launched fierce competition. In office buildings, at the gates of communities, and even on the road, you can meet people who sell you 5G mobile phone cards. Mobile jammers have become the “standard” products in all kinds of examinations, whether it is the high school entrance examination, graduate entrance examination, English four or six level examination, civil service examination, various professional examinations, in order to ensure the fairness and justice of the examination, blocking wireless Signal, isolation and cheating through electronic products will all use mobile cell phone jammer!

There is a kind of poor signal, called the college entrance examination two days. As a heavy mobile phone user, the battery and signal of the mobile phone are the life channel. If the battery is below 50% or the signal is not satisfactory, you will feel unhappy and insecure. For such a heavy mobile phone dependence, the most uncomfortable days of the year are the three days of the college entrance examination. In the short three days of the college entrance examination, in addition to the uninterrupted news reports and the unprovoked crowding when passing by the test center school, the most impressive thing is the poor mobile phone signal due to the use of mobile phone jammers during the exam. . What is the sacred part of the mobile phone signal jammer? Today we will trace the ins and outs of this artifact.

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