Cell phone jammers protect public safety

There are two coins for everything. Mobile phones are now widely used in the world. There is no doubt that it will bring tremendous changes to our lives and our world. People need mobile phones to communicate with each other more easily. And there are many traces that we can find in mobile phones. Therefore, children can indulge in mobile phones, immerse themselves in social networks, and chat, thereby ignoring the opportunity to communicate with their families in reality. It’s not just children, many people do. So it is necessary to control it. This cell phone jammer can do a favor, if you hear it before or want to learn more about the interference, you may see some problems with the interference.

It is also impolite to use mobile phones in some places, such as churches, courts, celebration venues, and telephones. There are also examination rooms, theaters, some factories, and so on. This is not the only use. Mobile jammers are not made for this, but for military purposes.

Schools in China and India use cell phone jammers to deter fraudsters. Mexico allows churches and hospitals to malfunction. The main customers there are banks. They want to prevent potential thieves from communicating with their employees. The Mexican government plans to use it in prisons. Pakistan allows banks and libraries to be blocked.

Canada believes that it can be prevented under similar circumstances. But Industry Canada, which oversees the country’s telecommunications business, chose to oppose this move, saying that these devices may weaken communication with law enforcement and security agencies, thereby infringing on personal freedom and endangering public safety.

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