Mobile jammers provided a great help in the war

All cellphone jammers used by the US military during the Iraq War are very important to deprive the rebels of their most powerful weapons. The US government spent $17 billion to purchase 50,000 jamming units, but before the war began, RF jammers and IEDs were a cat and mouse game, and the disaster was over. They are too slow to adapt and can only provide a few meters of protection. Damn it, occasionally two cell phone jammer will lock and cancel each other. “Year after year, traditional security vendors bring their latest and greatest technologies to the business. Each new product adds new personnel, processes, and technical aspects to operations, but few people solve security problems by answering questions. The root of the problem: “How to minimize data loss while sharing information? Can the attack surface be reduced? Why does safety depend on equipment? Citrix Chief Security Officer Stan Black said: “Only by providing solutions to these problems like Citrix, can we as an industry move towards a safer future for data, applications, devices, and things.” For example, signal blockers are used in many Used everywhere.

Beware of cybercriminals-they can catch you when you are most vulnerable. Kaspersky Lab recently revealed that cybercriminals have a new weapon that can attack your privacy. You can now hijack your mobile device camera and invite yourself into your most private moments. Statistics show that 90% of the population in the UK are equipped with smartphones, and only one-third of the population is aware of the harm and threats caused by cybercrime. The modus operandi of Cyber​​Criminal is to send you toxic software so that they can continue to take over your mobile phone jamming device. Now with all unauthorized access, cybercriminals can steal your private and stored photos and take snapshots of themselves. In addition to taking photos of you in a dangerous location, cybercriminals can also help take photos of credit cards, children playing and undressing, with mobile phones nearby. The criminal community shares strategies and tools and can unite forces to launch coordinated attacks. They even have an underground market where cybercriminals can buy and sell stolen information and identities.

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