Mobile jammers need to keep up with changes in the market

Selectively shield telephone signals from highly sensitive places such as enterprises and institutions. Open some signal areas. The signal in some areas needs to be turned off. Small markets need smart phone signal jammers. This market cannot be ignored. It is necessary to perform shielding work to ensure normal operation. You really need to learn more about cell phone jammer. The prices of various jammers in a market economy are different.

According to this person’s analysis, if the mobile phone jammer used in the test site is designed for the mainstream communication frequency at the factory, and the new 5G network is not considered, it may not be able to completely shield the 5G signal. “5G mobile phones have been on the market the year before, and they have been used in large quantities last year. Mobile phone signal jammer devices need to keep up with the development of the times.” Signal jammers are devices that send signals to the same frequency. If the shielding is turned on, when the cell phone signal area is disabled, the interference part is successful. Nowadays, there are more and more mobile phone users, so compared to electronic devices, mobile phone signal jammer devices have become civilian use, so that interference with mobile phone signals in specific locations is prohibited.

The mobile phone signal jammer is used to protect the mobile phone from being received. The mobile phone signal jammer broadcasts the same frequency signal to the GSM modem. If the mobile phone signal is shielded, the interference is considered successful. The mobile phone is a full-duplex device. It can use two frequencies at the same time, one is talking and the other is monitoring. The signal is processed at the same time. Signal shielding can only shield one frequency at a time, resulting in two frequencies to be shielded, because the mobile phone Think that there is no service in this area because it can only get one of the frequencies.

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