Mobile phone jammer devices forcibly ban mobile communications

In some cases, the person who needs to turn off or switch to the mute state needs to get the other party’s consent. If there is consensus, there is no problem. However, if this mobile cell phone jammer device is installed and mobile communication is forcibly prohibited, it can be regarded as “unconstitutional.” Article 40 of the Chinese Constitution stipulates: “The freedom of communication and confidentiality of communications of citizens of the People’s Republic of China are protected by law. Except for the needs of national security or the pursuit of criminal offenses, public security organs and procuratorial organs shall inspect communications in accordance with legal procedures. , No organization or individual may infringe citizens’ freedom of communication and confidentiality for any reason.”

The Federal Network Agency imposes a fine of up to several thousand euros for illegal use of cell phone jammers. In addition, such equipment will be confiscated. Interfering with radio signals via Handyjammer will not only cover the target device, but will also interrupt important communication options. In particular, anyone who uses a transmitter to interfere with emergency calls, fight crime, or other security aspects may face huge fines. In addition, it is illegal to buy cell phone jammers in this country, because many of them can not only manipulate cell phone signals, but also the alarm system.

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