The shielding effect of mobile phone jammers is related to power

The most feasible method is to test various mobile phones on site. The detection should not be too one-sided: use multiple mobile phones and multi-frequency bands to test the shielding effect of mobile cell phone jammer on site. This is the most convenient, most trouble-free, and most feasible test method. Compared with the limitations of mobile phone testing software and the need to pass professional instrument testing before conversion, this method is the easiest for users to master. The method is as follows: prepare mobile phones with multiple frequency bands, including: China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, 3G, 4G, and 5G, then turn on the mobile phone jammer and hold each mobile phone.

We now know some conditions and some important points. Some meetings are now not allowed to use mobile phones. In order to ensure and prevent people from using mobile phones in this situation, mobile phone jammers that can cut off mobile phone signals are widely used. And because there are many types of mobile phone signal jammers, from the antenna point of view, we know that there are directional antenna mobile phone jammers and omnidirectional mobile phone signal jammers, but here if you want to find a powerful signal shielding device, you can cut off 2G 4G Cell phone signal signal, then you can stop here to look at the detailed information here, and then of course you can have the opportunity to make the right decision and get a high-quality directional high-power 4G jammer here.

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