Will there be harmful radiation in mobile phone jammers?

For the current mainstream swept-frequency mobile cell phone jammer, when interfering with medium-strength communication signals, the effective interference radius is about 6m, the total transmission power is about 15W, the antenna gain is 2-3dB, and the safety distance is about 5m. It can be seen that in this case, the health of most participants will be affected by interference radiation. There are many reasons for this problem. In addition to the aforementioned anti-interference technology, wide bandwidth, multi-frequency band, and frequency sweeping interference methods, there are also provisions to combat small-scale fading and occlusion in the process of wireless signal propagation. Power margin. For jammers, the anti-interference technology, bandwidth and frequency band, and wireless signal propagation characteristics of the communication system cannot be changed.

Installation steps and methods of mobile phone jammer Take out the shielding cover from the packing box. Screw the antenna into the corresponding antenna sheet, otherwise it will be invalid. The protective cover hung on the wall or corresponding position should be installed at a height of 1-2 meters; first make sure that the shielding host is fully charged, and then turn on the switch to start working. Turn on the indicator light. This protective cover is maintenance-free equipment and requires no maintenance. Wipe the surface of the drone controller with a chemical solvent to avoid inhalation. If the protective cover is useful, store it in a dry, well-ventilated place to avoid prolonged exposure to salt spray and harmful gases. 5.4 Shielding and maintenance. Network cable conduction mobile phone jammer, power consumption: 70W weight: about 3Kg, used to realize important technical solutions and important functions.

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