GPS jammer provides a quiet environment

The car-mounted GPS Jammers series are the third generation of green GPS jammers, which only shield the terminal station from receiving GPS signals, and do not interfere with any negative impact on traffic caused by other electronic communication equipment around. … This machine covers various GPS positioning signals of all terminals within a mask range of 2-50 meters (depending on the strength of the satellite signal). All terminals of the GPS interference machine use a single output to perform external GPS positioning pauses within the entire shielded range. The rated working voltage of this product is 12V—24V, the working frequency bandwidth is 20MHz, and the frequency range is 1560-1580MHz. Product description program for mobile phone jammers. Broadband suppression of radio wave interference devices can be performed to remove the GPS antenna installed on the device. Insert the cigarette lighter socket of the applicable car model. The power-on indicator of the device is on and it is operating normally. Dismantle the GPS signal directly after using it to shield the jammer before the speed measurement platform does not remain stationary or pay attention to the following points when using the car GPS jammer: The shield is a complete antenna, and the antenna and instrument interface are tightened.

GPS signal jammer will be your trustworthy and loyal defender, providing you with a safe and quiet space! The National Security Agency is the National Security Agency’s Scientific and Technological Achievement Appraisal Committee, the Information Security Evaluation Center of the People’s Liberation Army, the National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the National Shenzhen Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center. The Provincial Public Security Department strictly certifies that the Electromagnetic Leakage Testing Center of the Electronic Product Quality Testing Center issued and issued corresponding certificates. Like its suppressor GSM and CDMA mobile phone terminal shielding effect, mobile phone signal jammer, this is a very good question. The interference performance of GSM mobile phones of CDMA mobile phones is much better, so the shielding effect of CDMAGPS jammers is not as good as that of GSM mobile phones. 3G/4G phone jammers. Due to the difference, the distance is about 20-40 meters.

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