Mobile jammers can shield the effective range

The signal interference of this high-end mobile phone is special signal interference such as school logos. Taking into account the specific use of a particular genre, the mobile jammer has the following characteristics and is designed for the customized development of the product genre. The built-in antenna design eliminates the possibility of damage to the student antenna and avoids the trouble of screw antennas. The more accurate range of 8-channel shielding design is the anti-interference ability: high-end mobile phone signals interfere with 6 and -8 channel designs, mobile cell phone jammer block jitter, and sometimes there is no phenomenon. The transmission distance of base station equipment is relatively close. Multiple base stations protect your mobile phone from shielded rooms, even if you can use it to send signals.

Due to the multi-channel design, it will inevitably increase the product cost. The communication suppression device ordinary mobile phone signal jammer may be inconsistent with this product. It is mainly aimed at some high-end users. Introduced, China Unicom, Telecom, the only downlink interference signal is always the electromagnetic environment polluting the uplink signal of the green mobile operator, which super-strongly interferes with the mobile phone signal, including the use of impact sub-shielding methods. Generally refers to indoor distance. In open outdoor areas, the effective shielding distance can reach hundreds of meters. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the effective shielding distance is the distance from the base station. Mobile phone jammers need to be aware that it is related to general environmental conditions such as the installation location. Therefore, the use of mobile phone signal jammers should take this factor into consideration, so as not to shield the blind spots and affect the shielding effect. Effective distance Is the wide signal range jammer the same as the signal jammer on GSM and CDMA mobile phones?

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