WiFi jammer is harmless to human body

Mobile WiFi jammer I will show you how to protect it. Before cleaning, plug in the electronic information protection device with the power plug. Do not wipe the electronic information protection with a damp cloth, and do not use cleaning fluids to protect the electronic information. The housing does not protect electronic information in water or humid places. To prevent water and moisture from entering the electronic information protection unit, the housing not only holds too much dust, but also houses a small jammer to ensure a clean electronic information protection working environment, because it may Causes electrostatic adsorption, which may cause communication problems. The electromagnetic environment requires electronic information protection systems, and the impact on interference will be affected by external interference. For this, you should be careful! The AC socket enables the AC power system equipment to effectively filter the interference power. The WiFi jammer should be connected to the single-phase three-wire power socket and filter circuit at PGND. Keep away from radio transmitting stations, radar stations, electronic information protection, and high-frequency equipment. Electronic information protector has very low heat and adopts natural cooling method. It is ventilated and protected around the vents, and the electronic information is protected with a 10 cm gap, and no wooden stakes are placed to keep the electronic information unobstructed.

The mobile phone signal jammer scans from the tip to the lowest frequency channel when driving at a constant speed. The scanning speed will distort the message signal received by the mobile phone and cause interference, causing the mobile phone to fail to detect the transmitted microwave signal. From the base station data, there is a wifi jammer. Long antenna. The radio wave jammer is sometimes far away from the wifi jammer and within a certain range of the phone. Disable the mobile phone, do not establish a connection with the above-mentioned base station, search for the performance of the mobile phone, there is no signal, no service system, because it can not achieve the purpose and not only can completely return to normal use. GPS nuisance inevitably radiates electromagnetic signals. It sends and receives data between any stealth devices. It will never stealth the electric signal phone. In other words, it will never form a transient signal. This signal is always relative. Stationary, other electrical equipment, WiFi jammers will not harm the human body harmlessly.

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