WiFi jammer protects electronics

Complete the connection of the source and the circuit. The eavesdropping and peeping detector sensor must have interference, and the conductance and interference signal will transmit the interference energy emitted to the surrounding space to the surrounding space according to the radiation propagation medium of the electromagnetic wave of this connection circuit and the law of electromagnetic field. String. Most of the data exchanges with computers, security equipment, and information processing equipment in the process of processing information and video data exchanges are carried out through copiers, printers, etc. The GPS Jammers is. With the advent of high-tech detectors, computers and other electronic information equipment, preventing electromagnetic radiation from leaking in power cords and workplace spaces is an important part of safe work. WiFi jammer is an electronic information protection product developed to meet the needs of the electronic information protection market. The product is fully functional, safe and reliable, and easy to use.

Mobile phone transmission frequency jammer This product is 930~960MHz 1805-219MHz 2010~2145MHz, 2400~2500MHz, 2300~2370MHZ, 2555~2655MHZ broadband transmitter (transmission frequency does not include PCS, frequency 4G, after station transmission) base station) Shield the signal between the mobile phone and the wireless device, the wireless signal can be shielded 2.4. The jammer product effectively shields the microwave signal between the transmitter (base station) and the mobile phone from the outside world, and the shielding area needs the mobile phone disconnect point (GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, 3G, 4G, etc.). This product is easy to use, small in size, shipped separately, and can be used in a variety of environments. Power requirements: AC adapter (AC220V-DC4.2V) mobile phone jammer shielding radius: (2-50m) Safety: UL (E190582) CSA (LR11291Level13) Dimensions (D x W x H): 310 x 110 x 35 mm Power consumption: 50 W Weight: 2.4 kg Breakthrough technology, the key points for turning off the 3G/4G jammer mobile phone are the following two aspects. Broadband, high power: gain control stability, internal and external band stopband waveform smoothness, heteroaromatic baseband emission control target, broadband power increase the power gain of the solution after VSWR, increase the power indicator (repeat) stereo type, VHF R&D program radio The WiFi jammer is in normal production, and the product quality is stable before debugging, if some indicators are omitted later). (2) Interference between multiple systems: In the narrow mechanical space of shielding equipment, the 6 systems of CDMA, GSM, DCS/PHS, 3G.4G are high-power, wide-band, multi-solution, and index generation when transmitting signals. Signal (repeated during development, omitted from production).

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