GPS jammers sometimes organize cell phone signals

When the phone battery is activated, it will generate enough energy when it rings. It may cause a fire. The safety-related part prohibits the use of mobile phones at gas stations. The introduction time is long, and the effect is not ideal. The gas station equipment is controlled by a computer. The telephone signal will affect the normal operation of the device. Add cell phone jammer to gas stations to prevent some tragedies. Relevant departments are proposing to install GPS jammers at gas stations in their jurisdictions. Widely publicize safety knowledge.

Is it possible for a company, organization or school to block the phone signal? Is it legal? The employee was found to have no cell phone signal in the production workshop during working hours. The mobile jammer was originally installed for production and staff concentration. Company managers recently admitted that they have begun to try to use signal shielding methods to regulate the production control of employees. Using this method, the main purpose is to promote safe production and ensure employee work efficiency. The company can set up landlines without affecting the staff of emergency contacts, and operate them through these landlines in an emergency.

Until now, employees have tried to prohibit mobile phones from being brought into the factory, but with little success. The company has tried to use new technologies such as jammers to solve this problem. Mobile jammers are the subject of controversy. Many citizens believe that the device will affect their freedom of communication. Some dormitories have installed mobile phone signal jammers to prevent students from playing on their mobile phones and surfing the Internet at night. The cell phone signal is blocked. GPS jammers will appear in the parking lot. The car’s GPS and other anti-theft devices malfunction and other consequences.

The use of mobile phones is increasing. It is very convenient to get in touch with your friends. However, you should stop using your phone in some places. There are multiple base stations in the city. The transmission frequency of the jammer is the same as that of a mobile phone. Block communication with the base station. There are many types of GPS jammers on the market. Some devices will interfere with a single frequency. Some devices block multiple types of signals at the same time. You need an item that interferes with the appropriate frequency to block the phone signal.

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