Mobile jammers reduce reliance on electronic devices

Interfering devices that suppress communication emit interference radio waves in the same frequency band used by mobile phones and PHS, and prevent you from using it by deteriorating the radio wave conditions received by mobile phones, mobile phones, etc. around the device. After installing this device, the mobile phone and PHS will “out of service” within a range of several meters to tens of meters, depending on the output, and cannot make or receive calls.

Is it possible to obtain equipment that emits such interfering radio waves without permission? I want to know and try to pick up the actual product sold. The package reads: “This interference radio wave is a weak radio wave, does not require a license, and is below the specified value.”

But is this true? Although the radio waves of mobile phones require a license, it is unlikely that the radio waves that interfere with them are very weak.

The Tokai Communications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which posted detailed information about cell phone jammer on the Internet, commented.

“The radio wave intensity of mobile phones and other base stations varies from location to location, but if we try to effectively suppress the mobile phone’s communication function, we can fight against the radio waves of the strongest mobile phone base station. It must be designed to emit strong interfering radio waves. Therefore, this type of The equipment will exceed the “weaknesses” stipulated by the Radio Law and requires a license.”

After all, a deterrent device that “completely” realizes the deterrence function of mobile phones and PHSs is illegal without permission.

 The reason for insisting on “completeness” is that without actual measurement, it is impossible to judge whether it is illegal or not. There may be incomplete deterrence that cannot perform its function.

 On the other hand, people are worried that the deterrent device that satisfies this function may cause some harmful effects. In response to such a question, the Tokai Communications Bureau replied: “Depending on the equipment, there is a risk of damaging other electronic equipment.”

 By the way, it seems that the permission to use mobile phone jamming devices can only be obtained in concert halls, theaters, libraries and other places where the purpose of use is clear. Even in this case, careful procedures are required, such as obtaining consent from the user to prohibit communication with mobile phones, etc.

 If you use it without permission, you will violate the Radio Law as an illegal station (same station) (up to 1 year in prison or up to 500,000 yen fine).

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