Mobile jammers are very effective against cheating

With the rapid advancement of scientific power, there are more and more cases of cheating using wireless communication devices such as wireless headsets and mobile terminals (including smartphones) every time “life-related exams”.

Due to this phenomenon, test organizers are using various methods, but today I want to introduce you to device cell phone jammer as a very effective countermeasure for cheating. The mobile jammer of skylijp was developed for cheating measures in school exams.

Special dual fan design, excellent heat dissipation performance. ◆ The maximum interception range of a mobile jammer is approximately 1 to 30 m. The socket-powered model can use the frequency of a smartphone and supports GPS and WiFi. ◆ Discontinue service for unnecessary PHS and mobile phones (Wi-Fi / 3G / GSM / DCS / CDMA)! It is a device that temporarily blocks outgoing and incoming calls by preventing the reception of control signals from the base station and placing the terminal outside the service area. But it will not interfere with other electronic devices.

The cut-off range is about 5-40 meters, and the useless PHS and mobile phones are not in the service area! (Wi-Fi / GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS / 3G) block the reception of control signals from the base station and block the terminal. It is a device that temporarily blocks incoming and outgoing calls by stopping service in the service area. It is mainly used as a cheating method in hospitals, schools, and cram schools, and is very active in banks, conference rooms, libraries, classrooms, automobiles, and hospitals. Although it is a small and lightweight portable satellite GPS jammer, its effective radio wave blocking range is very wide, and it can block jammers from GPS L1 to GPS L5. ●Please note that the mobile phone jammer must be connected to all antennas before turning on the power. This jammer is a frequency barrier and also supports Wi-Fi radio waves!! After turning on the main power, you can turn it on/off with the corresponding rotary switch. This is a very friendly operation method.

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