Will mobile phone jammer radiation affect the human body?

Today’s scientifically powerful society is full of electromagnetic radiation. Due to the rapid development of the economy and society, the pace of informatization continues to accelerate, and wireless communication technology has been significantly applied in all fields of society. It makes people’s lives more efficient, more popular, and more fulfilling. For people’s daily life, wireless communication technology and interference equipment will no longer be separated. On the other hand, “how much electromagnetic radiation from radio signal base stations established in various places have an impact on human health” has become a question in people’s minds, especially residents living near signal base stations, who are said to be more interested. Today, let us listen to it. Experts’ authoritative comments on related topics.

According to relevant information, electromagnetic radiation is a phenomenon in which energy is radiated into space in the form of electromagnetic waves. Natural electromagnetic radiation comes from thermal radiation from the earth and the sun, and artificial electromagnetic radiation comes from radios, televisions, communication base stations, and various application facilities in our daily lives. Electromagnetic radiation sources can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, such as personal computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and so on. The World Health Organization (WHO) and more than 60 countries around the world have participated in this agenda on whether electromagnetic radiation is harmful to human health. After 11 years, it reached a conclusion in 2006. The human body has too strong electromagnetic radiation, and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation has a weak effect on human health. “

Electromagnetic radiation from communication base stations is very fragile to human health. Communication base station refers to a low-power radio antenna that communicates with mobile phone users. According to the number of users and the breadth of the service range, the transmission output is a few watts to hundreds of watts, and the output density is generally (0.6-2.0 microwatts per square centimeter, μW /cm 2) belongs to low frequency radiation. Under normal circumstances, the base station antenna is installed in buildings and transmission towers 15-50 meters above the ground. The radio frequency emitted by the antenna is mainly in the horizontal direction, and it is hardly transmitted in the vertical direction. Therefore, the radiation is strongest at 10-50 meters. 20 m in the horizontal direction. Humans are affected by radiation only because they have stayed in this area for a long time. Generally speaking, the base station is higher than the residential area, its electromagnetic frequency is 900-1800 MHz, it attenuates extremely fast in the air, and the output density (0.6 μW/cm²) in front of the antenna is 10-20 m. / cm 2), which is far lower than the national standard of 40 μW / cm 2 square centimeter, and attenuates an additional 4 times (6 dB) after passing through the walls of residents’ homes. Therefore, people living near the base station antenna are safe.

In order to reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body, some residents have purchased various mobile cell phone jammer. In the eyes of relevant experts, this behavior is a fairly scientific method. These mobile phones are designed to block radio signals from communication base stations, thereby significantly reducing the impact of various types of electromagnetic signal radiation on the human body.

Mobile phone security risks: Due to restrictions on the export of encryption algorithms in Europe, domestic GSM and CDMA networks do not encrypt data. It turns out that there is a loophole in the security regulations of GSM and CDMA, which is called “one-way authentication.” In short, mobile phones are absolutely reliable in its network, giving false users the opportunity to eavesdrop. Since most of the mobile phone technology and internal chips are imported, it is difficult to guarantee that these mobile phones do not have a technical backdoor. The United States has established a global network of electronic eavesdropping systems. People are mostly called through it and are “filtered”.

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