WiFi jammer blocks radio waves

The radio waves used to interfere with smartphones and cell phones appear to be installed about 40 meters above the ground, such as the roofs of buildings and steel towers.

Speaking of 40 meters above the ground, its height is about 13 floors.

Moreover, the radio waves emitted by such antennas are installed in areas that are usually used, that is, close to the ground, so the antennas are installed downwards.

Therefore, the radio sensitivity of the 13th floor above the ground will be weakened.

Now, instead of transmitting radio waves downward from the base station, measures are taken by using the method of blowing radio waves upward.

Therefore, with the advancement of technology in the future, the insensitivity of high-levels to radio waves is likely to be improved.

However, at this point, it seems that indoor measures are basically needed to improve the radio wave conditions of high-rise buildings.

As a countermeasure against the entire apartment, NTT DoCoMo provides a service called IMCS (Inks), which suppresses radio interference with wifi jammer and ensures communication quality by installing a dedicated base station in the apartment.

For example, in “THE TOKYO TOWERS”, IMCS is installed at the cost of NTT DoCoMo.

If no measures are taken in the apartment, this does not mean that there is no way to do it, but each mobile operator provides a service called femtocell as a separate measure.

This is a service that restricts radio wave users and improves communication by installing a palm-sized small private base station in the room.

First of all, when choosing a property, please check the radio wave situation during the tour phase.

You should also check whether you can really make calls even if the antenna mark is turned on. In addition, radio wave conditions vary depending on the floor, direction, and room location, so even in the same apartment, it is necessary to check whether the conditions are different.

And I think it’s best to check radio wave conditions and regulations, whether indoor measures are taken as apartments, and whether small dedicated base stations can be installed for real estate agents.

If you are already living, you can consider installing a small dedicated base station or request to improve the radio wave conditions of the entire apartment.

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