Mobile phone jammers are advanced high-tech products

Mr. A, who commuted to work on a crowded train for nearly an hour, was disgusted by unmanned calls on the train, and bought a commercially available mobile phone radio wave shielding device for 1,850 yen. The applicable range is 4 meters, which has sufficient performance according to different applications.

 However, Mr. A said that he has never used it. Because… “I can’t press the switch, because I’m afraid of what will happen if I know I interrupted me.”

 The jamming radio transmitter purchased by Mr. A is shaped like a “mobile phone” to disguise his identity. However, Mr. A was unable to press the switch for fear of being noticed.

Is there any way to deal with unsolicited calls?

Our company’s full-band signal jammer is a high-tech product developed by introducing foreign advanced technology based on the actual situation of foreign mobile communications. (On-site radio cut-off range can be adjusted according to location) GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS / TD –SCDMA / WCDMA / CDMA2000 / LTE mobile signal / WIFI signal / transceiver, bone conduction headset, eraser, scale, watch, glasses you It can block, interfere or suppress communication signals from cameras and other devices. Unnecessary PHS and mobile phones (WiFi / 3G / GSM / DCS / CDMA) are out of service! It is a device that prevents the reception of control signals from the base station by placing the terminal outside the service area and temporarily disables outgoing and incoming calls. However, you can take a specific area out of the service area or leave the interference range and make a call immediately without interfering with other electronic devices. It is a convenient and safe mobile cell phone jammer that can adjust the output without affecting the human body at all.

Hidden cameras are very useful for crime prevention, commercial records, and private legal purposes, but they can also become criminal tools if used improperly. After all, if you always carry the lens with you, it is usually very important to hide the lens. There is also a pen camera, which can be used as a key chain with a clip. This is why you can take pictures that are natural and unnoticed when you need them, and get the information and evidence you need! It is a pen camera that is worth having for meetings, business negotiations, classes, and class review.

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