Are cell phone signal jammers seriously affecting people’s health?

The mobile phone network makes it easier for people to surf the Internet, but the problems it brings cannot be ignored. The telephone network has safety problems and radiation caused by long-term use, which affects people’s health. In order to maintain a good network environment, many places have begun to install desktop mobile phone jammers with a strong interference range, which can be used in some places to protect network security and prevent excessive use of the network. At present, mobile cell phone jammer products are widely used in many countries and regions around the world, especially schools, prisons, libraries, reading rooms, gas stations, etc., and are the best representatives.

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The relevant person in charge of the Student Office of the Ministry of Education said that the harm of mobile phone jammers to the human body cannot be said to be harmful. Radiation is related to distance, with small effects at far distances, but greater effects close to the ear. Regarding some issues in cell phone jammers, the reporter also interviewed Mr. Song from a digital technology company in Beijing. He has been engaged in the research, development and sales of cell phone jammers for 4 years. “The damage caused by mobile phone jammers is the same as that of mobile phones. I don’t have such a big reaction when I touch this thing every day.” Mr. Song, who produces and distributes mobile phone jammers, answered the reporter’s question.

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