Cell phone jammers ensure fairness in exams

In addition, the municipal education department also carried out special inspection and acceptance with the departments of confidentiality, public security, radio and television, Anshi, and recruitment. Through self-inspection, preliminary inspection and re-inspection, the security room of the city’s college entrance examination and senior high school entrance examination test center has a sound system and excellent equipment, realizing multi-angle and all-round monitoring. The bathroom of the test center is equipped with mobile cell phone jammer equipment to ensure the area of ​​the bathroom and the test room. The shielding effect is the same. The test centers in each test area have replaced and maintained the equipment with problems in the surveillance video system and the foreign language listening broadcasting system to ensure the normal use and normal operation of various equipment during the test.

Set up three task maintenance teams for power, monitoring, and hearing equipment, and strengthen safeguards to ensure the safe and stable operation of various equipment during the inspection period. At the same time, mobile phone signal jammers and handle-type security inspection equipment have been tested, and various test equipments are ready. It is understood that the city’s college entrance examination is conducted in standardized test centers, and the whole process uses a surveillance video system, and is equipped with metal detectors and electronic mobile phone signal jammers. The counties (cities) and districts are conducting continuous testing of the above-mentioned technical defense equipment, and conducting actual combat drills and training for equipment users to give full play to the functions of technical defense facilities and do their best to do a good job in technical defense. Make sure the exam is fair and impartial.

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