Cell Phone Jammers Can Bring Security to Your Life

Qingdao strictly regulates the administration of the college entrance examination. Before entering the examination room, candidates will conduct electronic equipment testing in the monitoring area. The national education examination inspection command system was launched for the first time, realizing the video, voice, and text of the city’s test areas and test sites during the test. The two-way communication effectively improves the emergency response and command ability of the examination management. Since late May, Chongqing has launched four special campaigns to crack down on the sale of cheating equipment, purify the network environment related to exams, purify the surrounding environment of test centers, and crack down on cheating in exams.

New technologies will benefit our lives. However, it can cause serious problems. cell phone jammer devices are becoming more and more popular, bringing a sense of security to your life. However, this country has legal requirements for this device. If you break the law, you are at risk. U.S. law restricts the use of such cell phone jamming devices. However, it is the country with the highest rate of jamming device usage.

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