Cell phone jammers prevent military secrets from leaking

Candidates can eliminate the use of modern communication tools for fraud prevention and use. Avoid the interference of the explosion of gas stations and oil depots on the microwave signal of the fire. Churches: Communication Suppression Devices Can remove the noise of cell phone signals and maintain a solemn, solemn place of worship. Library: You can continue reading and studying in peace. Theater: As a high-end entertainment cell phone jammer noise can keep the audience’s apparent interest in enjoying the show. Hospitals: Harmful to the human body, and medical equipment that prevents the use of mobile phones will malfunction. Courtroom: Courtrooms can remain solemn and sacred. Mobile phone jammer military field: prevent military secrets from leaking. Hinder the machine to keep the solemn religion.

“Mobile phone addiction is very common now, and some children have poor self-control. Installing cell phone signal jammers can prevent children from playing mobile phones in class, and also prevent students from ordering takeaway programs on mobile phones. It is more convenient for parents to be on the phone.” In the classroom A mobile phone jammer was installed, and a classmate named Wang questioned the installation of the signal screen. “Although the child goes to school with his mobile phone, he is always conscious, and we trust him very much.” Wang said that although he has the contact information of the teacher, he still hopes to be able to contact the child directly. According to this, Miss Li, the director of the Office of the High School Affiliated to Suzhou University, replied that the school has installed mobile phone signal jammers for classrooms on weekends, of which there are at most three, “Mobile phone signal jammers are only turned on during the exam to prevent each student from being unconscious. A regulated organization ensures objectivity and fairness.” She said that in principle, the school does not encourage students to bring mobile phones, and it also stipulates that mobile phones cannot be used in classroom areas and classrooms.

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