Cell Phone Jammers Enter Graduate Exams

In the past few days, mobile phone users in some areas of Jianxi District have found that their mobile phone signals have weakened since the afternoon of the 19th, or even no signal. On the 21st, we consulted with mobile communication operators. According to their analysis, the most likely reason is the mobile cell phone jammer technology adopted in the postgraduate entrance examination starting on the 20th of this month.

Mr. Zhou’s home in Jianxi District is at the intersection of Zhengzhou Road and Jinghua. Since the 20th, he found that his mobile phone signal has disappeared, and he can only use his home landline to make calls. The same situation happened to Ms. Wang, who runs a small food store on Xiyuan Road. She told us that since the 20th she needs to use a nearby public phone when she wants to make a call.

According to reports from many people, this is because the three-day national postgraduate entrance examination began on the 20th, and Henan University of Science and Technology, located next to Xiyuan Road, as one of the test centers, adopted mobile phone jammer technology in the test room. This resulted in interference to the communication signals of mobile phone users in some nearby areas. The staff of the two mobile business halls on the campus and near the campus also said that there have been many people inquiring about this issue in the past few days, and they all told that the signal will return to normal after the exam is over.

The staff of the Examination Office of Heke University said that the power of the mobile phone signal jammer set in the examination room is less than 1 watt, and the range of action is within 25 meters. This time, each test room is equipped with a mobile phone jammer. Although a large number of jammers may work together in a small area, it may cause a large shielding effect in a small area, but it will not affect the mobile phone signal outside the school.

On the morning of the 21st, the reporter made a mobile phone signal test and found that the affected areas were as follows: centered on Heke University, east to Mudan Road, west to Wuhan Road, south to Union Road, and north to Jinghua Road. In this range, the cell phone signal is very weak, or even no signal most of the time. Occasionally able to make a call, the quality of the call is also poor. However, after the end of the school test at 11:30 am and 5:00 pm, the mobile phone signal can basically return to normal.

The relevant person of the mobile company said that they also learned that many mobile users have encountered this trouble. Because the mobile company has not made network adjustments in the past two days, the mobile phone jammer is more likely to cause this phenomenon.

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