Cell Phone Jammers Restrict Students’ Freedom of Communication

Recently, one of the hot topics that students of Central University of Finance and Economics are most concerned about is that after the summer vacation, the school teaching area will be equipped with mobile cell phone jammer, and the teaching building and lecture hall will not be able to use mobile phones. In this regard, most students expressed disapproval. After the “May 1st”, the website of the Central University of Finance and Economics posted a notice to install a blocker. “The sound of mobile phones in the classroom affects the teaching order.” The school said that in order to eliminate the sound of mobile phones, it can only be controlled by mobile phone jammers.

According to the plan, the teaching technology service center of this summer school will install shielding devices in the teaching buildings from the 1st floor to the 7th floor. According to the person in charge of the center, mobile phones cannot be used in all class scheduling classrooms during class hours, and mobile phone jammers will be turned off in classrooms without classes and during get out of class hours.

After hearing about the school’s plan to install cell phone jammers, most students said they didn’t support it. “What if there is a real emergency?” Liu, a sophomore majoring in human resources, said that the installation of mobile phone jammers limited students’ free communication in school. It is your right to use your mobile phone. It is definitely not right to call or send text messages in class, but you cannot forcibly control the use of your mobile phone.

“Teachers don’t use mobile phones in class.” Last Saturday afternoon, Teacher Yu, who was giving elective courses to students, said that it is a basic teacher’s morality for teachers to mute their mobile phones during class. Teacher Yu introduced that he would only deal with text messages and missed calls after class. He believes that it is not the best practice to use coercive means to control the use of mobile phones by teachers and students. “The key is to look at consciousness.”

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