Cell Phone Jammers Seriously Affect Communication Signals

Recently, when residents of a community in Liulipingji Town, Danjiangkou City went home, their mobile phone signals were lost. After investigation by the monitoring personnel of the Municipal Radio Management Office, it was found that a full-band mobile cell phone jammer was set up in the community, which seriously interfered with the communication signal.

A few days ago, the Municipal Radio Management Office received a complaint that mobile phones could not be used normally in a residential building in Liulipingji Town, Danjiangkou City. In the afternoon of the same day, the Municipal Radio Management Office dispatched professional monitoring personnel, monitoring vehicles and monitoring equipment to investigate all the way from the urban area of ​​Shiyan. Eventually, a full-band cell phone jammer was found in a locked room in the complained neighborhood. Through the window, monitors saw a signal-transmitting device with multiple antennas.

When I followed the interview, I found that as soon as the mobile phone arrived at this place, the signal was immediately lost. Residents who live here told reporters that it has been half a month since the mobile phone could not be used normally. “At first I thought it was because the phone was broken. Later, when a friend came to our house, there was no signal on the phone.” The gentleman then analyzed that the signal might have been interfered with, and the staff of a nearby hotel also reported that the phone could not be used normally.

In the end, with the cooperation of Liuliping Police Station, the full-band mobile phone jammer was confiscated according to law. The monitoring personnel of the Municipal Radio Management Office said that the confiscated mobile phone jammers belonged to three non-products. “This kind of signal jammers can not only affect mobile phone communication, but also seriously affect the take-off and landing of aircraft.”

The local police investigation learned that the residents set up full-band mobile phone jammers here to prevent the mortgaged vehicles from being located and to block the GPS signal of the car. At present, the case is under further investigation.

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