Mobile phone jammers are not allowed to sell privately

Mobile cell phone jammer are openly sold in Shunjing Street, Jinan and other places, and anyone can easily buy a mobile phone jammer. According to the wireless supervision department, it is illegal to use a mobile phone signal jammer without permission.

On the 25th and 26th, the reporter saw in Shunjing Street, Jinan City, that there were signs selling mobile phone signal jammers in front of several shops, and they were open for business. The reporter came to a mobile phone shop on Shunjing Street to make an unannounced visit on the grounds that he wanted to buy a mobile phone jammer. When the male shop owner heard the reporter asking about the cell phone signal jammer, he took out a box slightly larger than the cell phone box. After opening it, the reporter found that the cell phone jammer was similar to the size of a landline phone, with some antenna-like objects on it. According to the owner, this thing can be used in exam rooms and office meetings, and the shielding effect is very good. The owner offers a 20% discount at 1,300 yuan.

In another shop on Shunjing Street that sells cell phone signal jammers, the two shopkeepers, a man and a woman, did not take out the machines, but said that the machines sold here are relatively cheap, “only 800 yuan”. The reporter got some advertisements for cell phone signal jammers in stores. One advertisement said, “With the development of mobile phones, it has brought great convenience to people, but it has also caused great trouble. For example, concert halls, theaters, high-end In restaurants and other places where tranquility is required, the atmosphere is often destroyed by the ringing of the mobile phone…” “This product is forced to disable mobile phones by blocking the broadcast channel (bch) between the mobile phone and the GSM base station.”

In this regard, Mr. Xia, a senior engineer from the Inspection Office of the Provincial Radio Management Committee, said that private sales and private use of mobile phone jammers are illegal, including the use of test rooms and organ meetings without the approval of relevant departments, which are suspected of breaking the law. Jinan and even the whole country have cases of illegal and criminal use of mobile phone signal jammers. At present, all sales of mobile phone signal jammers on the market are illegal, and sales of individuals or civil organizations are not allowed.

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