Mobile jammers are a way for users to protect themselves

Many customers have asked, what is the shielding range of a mobile cell phone jammer, and will it work for one set of 120 square meters? 500 square meters, can it be shielded with two sets of 40W? The most sincere and responsible answer is not necessarily. It depends on the signal strength of your site and the distance from the base station. The same machine can shield more than 200 square meters in this place, and may only get about 50 square meters in another place. The shielding range of mobile phone jammers is not a fixed value. Using insecure Wi-Fi networks may also be another reason for compromising the security of sensitive information. The most serious vulnerabilities may be the most difficult to predict and control, and are related to user behavior. People usually think that the application has a built-in security mechanism, and forget the responsibility of protecting the security of the device. Downloading applications from insecure locations, using insecure networks, opening text in emails, and clicking links are one way for users to undermine their own security.

All cell phone jammers are designed for different purposes and different places. In some multifunctional mobile phone signal jammers, wireless video jammers will be used in conjunction with other mobile phone jammers, such as GPS jammers or mobile phone jammers or even wifi masturbation. As we all know, WiFi and Bluetooth are very important to us. It is a wireless technology that supports short-distance data exchange between fixed and mobile devices, usually using the 2.4G frequency band. This brings us convenience, it helps us to send and receive data and files within a short distance, which is very important to our daily life. Wifi is a great invention. Mobile jammer device is a cheaper device suitable for short-distance use such as business or home. Thanks to modern wifi technology, it is possible to connect multiple systems and exchange data wirelessly. But the problem also appears in wifi technology, wifi connection will expose our data secrets. Mobile jammer will help us solve this problem

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