What is the shielding distance of mobile phone jammers?

How many meters a mobile cell phone jammer can shield is not only related to its own transmit power, but also to the distance of the base station in the environment (base stations are not limited to large-scale transmission towers built on the ground, but also signal amplification on the roof. Antennas and signal amplification and distribution in some buildings), another important factor is obstacles, if it is a metal material, it will be blocked directly; if it is a solid reinforced concrete wall, it will attenuate at least 10 times after penetration.

When the magnetic field is weak, one classroom can be covered by installing one. When the magnetic field is strong, for example, there is a base station within 500 meters, a base station within 300 meters, a base station within 200 meters, a base station within 100 meters, and a base station on the top of the building. The prototype test can be carried out to strengthen the signal of the operator. In some occasions, such as teaching buildings, when we only tested one classroom, we found that the shielding effect was not very satisfactory, thus negating the function of this machine. Looking for a more powerful machine is actually a wrong decision, because a teaching building can range from a dozen classrooms to dozens of classrooms. When we install mobile phone signal jammers in every classroom, we turn them on at the same time. Use, then the local signal of this teaching building will be interfered by the signal emitted by multiple mobile phone jammers, so as to achieve the shielding effect. We need to realize this. To achieve the same shielding effect in the same area, using multiple low-power point-based installations is much more economical than using one high-power.

The shielding range is mainly determined by the strength of the magnetic field. For a small range of 0-10 meters and an area of ‚Äč‚Äčless than 100 square meters, DZ-810J5G built-in single-channel 2W mobile phone jammer can be recommended. This product is economical, and low-power shielding through walls will weaken the signal. If you need to go through walls, it is not recommended to buy this low-power one. There is no base station within 1 km. Within 120 square meters, one is enough. Two units are recommended for 120-250 square meters. It is recommended to install one for large conference rooms within 150 square meters, two for 250 square meters, and four for 600 square meters. Installing more than 3 units in an area will form a honeycomb shielding effect. Therefore, when installing a mobile phone signal jammer, you must first understand your surrounding environment and the area used, and then decide which type of mobile phone jammer to buy.

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