Mobile jammers can prevent noise

There are two ways to block mobile phone recording in the meeting room. One is to prohibit the mobile phone from being brought into the meeting room. The other is that your mobile phone cannot record sound in the area of ​​the meeting room. This is the same as a mobile cell phone jammer . This is a mobile phone jammer placed in advance in the conference room. The signal jammer is to shield the mobile phone’s call and Internet function, and the recording jammer is to interfere with the signal of the mobile phone through the noise. The current recording jammers on the market use white noise and ultrasonic interference patterns to shield mobile phone recordings. Let’s take a look at its working principle.

In white noise mode, the device emits irregular noise to cover up normal conversation sounds. In this case, the voice should be as low as possible, based on the volume at which both parties can hear clearly. Because the white noise mode is an audible interference mode, this type of mobile phone jammer is only suitable for use in an open and informed situation.

Ultrasonic interference is a sound frequency that is emitted at a frequency that is not perceivable by the human ear. It has no harm or impact on the human body, but it will cause huge interference to all devices that rely on pickups to record sound. The frequency band it emits impacts the pickup film of the pickup head of audio and video equipment, causing irregular frequency fluctuations on the pickup film, so that the sound recorded by these devices is completely irregular noise.

The mobile phone jammer will generate random interference signals during the working process, which can ensure that the original voice information cannot be restored from the recorded signal. The interference signal interferes with the recording equipment without causing harm to the human body. After the interference signal is picked up by the recording device, it will cause only a piece of buzzing noise in the recording signal and the normal sound signal cannot be distinguished, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the voice information.

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