Mobile jammers are needed for large confidential meetings

Some cadres complained that during a meeting, the conference hall would turn on a mobile cell phone jammer to block the mobile phone signal. Once they entered the conference hall, they were completely “lost” and were very unaccustomed. Some people think that this is “a delay”, saying that they have been complained by the masses because they could not be reached by mobile phones. Some people even directly asked: Is it necessary? Have a meeting and stay away from your phone. Is it really that serious? Nowadays, mobile phones have become an “external organ” of modern people, regardless of whether they are on the way to work, at work, or at parties, they are all in the state of “people do not leave the machine, the machine does not leave their hands”. The latest survey shows that Chinese people look at their mobile phones for an average of 3 hours a day, making them the second most addicted person in the world.

People’s attention is severely distracted, and time is cut into fragments. Not to mention the whole time of a meeting, even if it is more than ten minutes without looking at the phone, many people are not at ease. Some netizens described that the most painful thing today is not “the distance between life and death” but “the phone has no power, no internet, no signal.” In a conference that should be serious and efficient, we are also used to seeing too many “low-headed landscapes”: he is setting up work on the stage and he is swiping his mobile phone; to convey the spirit on the stage, he is swiping the mobile phone; mobile phone. Really busy managing everything, can’t stop for a moment? A closer look shows that there are not many electronic offices. Most of them are browsing Moments, or even visiting online stores and playing games. If you want to portray these people, it is more appropriate to “read only the screen of your mobile phone and keep your ears silent”. Of course, it is difficult to put into the meeting agenda in such a state of being absent-minded and absent-minded.

From this point of view, mobile phone signal jammers are not necessary for meetings, but very necessary. Compared with the small probability event of cutting off the network cable and “delaying work”, the negative effects of playing mobile phones are much greater. We often talk about holding useful and efficient meetings. The “useful” and “efficient” here mean that the content of the meeting must be free from formalism and less idioms in Mandarin. At the same time, it should also include the attendees, heart, and brain. If all of you here are “people sitting in the meeting place and their hearts floating on the Internet”, the meeting will be reduced to another form of formalism. If we are opposed to meetings for the sake of meetings and emphasize on solving practical problems, then we should also be wary of perfunctory participation attitudes, and we should also restrict mobile phones from “buzzing” and “didi” disturbing people’s minds. “If you have any questions, you will have a meeting and put it on the table to discuss.” “Large meetings, medium meetings, and small meetings are all necessary.

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