Mobile jammers can prevent espionage

It is suspicious that mobile operators and major manufacturers did not participate in this process. First, large operators like Verizon have expressed their attitudes towards personal data and are selling this data. Therefore, we think the business involves here. It also describes the latest mobile operating system vulnerabilities, and Spiegel’s report proves our claim. It has nothing to do with the operating system you are currently using. Many have their own security vulnerabilities and GPS jamming vulnerabilities. Using them is a matter of time and technology, and this may be how the NSA deploys them on smartphones.

We cannot ignore the fact that more and more aspects of our lives are online. Social media, news, banking, private conversations, etc. already exist. The problem is that intelligence agencies around the world have decided that neither permission nor permission is needed, and they don’t tell anyone why they need this information. Therefore, it is very important for people to understand that their information is at risk and start working together to prevent this type of espionage.

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