Mobile phone jammers escort the college entrance examination

Today and tomorrow, 51,000 college students in Wuhan will take the big test of life. Yesterday, the reporter visited the examination room in advance: all examination rooms are equipped with mobile cell phone jammer and metal detectors to realize full-time detection, tracking and suppression of suspected cheating signals in the examination center and the examination room. Candidates only need to bring their ID card and admission ticket.

Today’s examination subjects are Chinese and mathematics, and tomorrow’s examinations will be conducted for comprehensive essay/science and foreign language. The comprehensive cultural examination of the skills college entrance examination was also held at the same time this morning. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Education Examination Institute introduced that this year’s standardized test centers in the province have functions such as video surveillance, online inspection, cheating prevention and control, and identification, and use high-tech means to escort the college entrance examination.

Yesterday, the reporter saw at the test center of Wuhan No. 3 Middle School that a reminder slogan “It is strictly forbidden to carry mobile phones and other communication tools” has been posted next to the test room; each test room has 30 candidates and two invigilators. According to the invigilator Zhang, the invigilator participated in the training two days ago. “Mobile phones, watches, necklaces and other metal objects cannot be brought into the examination room.” The invigilator said. During the on-site test of the reporter, after the invigilator turned on the mobile phone jammer, the reporter’s mobile phone had no signal at all. “All the clocks in the 35 test rooms are all adjusted to Beijing time; all the air conditioners and fans in the test room have been checked. Even if the air conditioners and fans are turned on, they will not make any sound and affect the candidates.” Director of the school’s party office Zhang Yan told reporters that before the test, the school had checked all the desks, chairs and benches and wiped them clean. The test center also prepared an extra test room to deal with emergencies.

The reporter learned that the invigilators of each examination room draw lots two hours before the examination. Each invigilating teacher does not know in advance which exam room he will be invigorating. According to statistics, 51,735 people in Wuhan signed up for the college entrance examination this year, a decrease of 789 from last year and the smallest number of applicants in 11 years.

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