Are cell phone jammers a security risk?

I want to prevent the leakage of business secrets during the meeting, and I want to prevent the pledged vehicle from being found by other creditors. What should I do? Some people thought carefully and used mobile communication cell phone jammer to block cell phone signals within a certain range. As everyone knows, such behavior is illegal and will bear criminal responsibility in serious cases. Recently, five departments, including the Guizhou Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Guizhou Provincial State Security Bureau, the Guizhou Provincial Communications Administration, the Guizhou Provincial Public Security Department, and the Guizhou Provincial Radio Administration, jointly issued a circular on unauthorized production, sales, and use of mobile communication phones. Signal jammers will crack down hard.

With the penetration of mobile phones into every corner of life, people are increasingly dependent on mobile phones. In some scenarios, some people want to block mobile phone signals, and blocking mobile phone signals seems “very simple” at present. The reporter entered the search content of the mobile phone jammer on the Baidu search interface, and tens of thousands of pieces of information popped up, many of which were advertisements selling related products on the Internet. At the same time, there are similar products for sale on Taobao. The reporter got in touch with a seller at random, and it is said that the mobile phone jammer can be purchased there without any formalities, so as to ensure the expected jamming effect.

The working principle of the mobile phone jammer is also relatively simple, that is, the electromagnetic frequency uplink and downlink channels covered by the mobile signal are used for frequency multiplication, frequency division, frequency hopping filtering and other technologies to analyze the required shielding frequency. When the shielding device is in working state, A spherical shielding space is customized according to the power of the mobile phone signal jammer, so that the mobile phone in this space is invalid and cannot receive and call out, so as to achieve the purpose of forcibly disabling the mobile phone. At present, the working time of mobile communication jammers sold on the market generally exceeds 24 hours, and the range of shielding signals ranges from a radius of 20 meters to a radius of 70 meters. To put it simply, it is possible to spend thousands of yuan, and all mobile phones in a building may not be able to dial out or call in, which is a great security risk.

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