Will cell phone jammers affect the harmony and stability of society?

It is not uncommon for us to have poor mobile communication due to the illegal use of mobile cell phone jammer. The circular issued by the Guizhou Provincial Economic and Information Commission and other five departments stated that recently, illegally setting up and using mobile communication mobile phone jammers has caused serious interference in regional public mobile communication, and the people cannot communicate normally, which has affected the society. Harmony and stability must be dealt with harshly.

Since the date of the announcement on July 4, Guizhou Province will illegally develop, produce and sell mobile phone jammers for units and individuals. Mobile communication jammers, causing public mobile communication radio interference and other three behaviors, carry out special governance. Once it is found that mobile communication jammers are set up and used in violation of laws and regulations, they will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. For those who set up and use mobile communication jammers without authorization and cause serious interference to public mobile communication, the relevant responsible persons will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to relevant laws and regulations.

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