Are cell phone signal jammers harmful to the human body?

In today’s society, whenever there is a large-scale exam, we will use cell phone jammer, so some people may worry about whether this cell phone signal jammer has any effect on the human body? I will give you an answer below.

First, we must face signal shielding rationally and scientifically. This cell phone jammer blocks or interferes with the signal between the cell phone and the base station by sending a specific signal, so that the cell phone has no signal or cannot find network service. Text messages sent and received by mobile phones can also become cluttered and, as a result, the original text messages cannot be identified.

But in the process, it doesn’t rely on unlimited power growth to compete with cell phone base stations for blocking effects. The electromagnetic signal strength of the mobile phone signal screen is weak. All qualified products produced by regular manufacturers, their electromagnetic radiation intensity can pass strict testing by authoritative testing and certification institutions such as the “China Center for Disease Control and Prevention Environmental Hygiene-related Product Safety Research Institute”, and the electromagnetic field intensity of all sampling points is lower than that of the State Environmental Protection Administration. The specified standard limits of the relevant frequency bands are harmless to the human body, so there is no need to panic, and unnecessary psychological burden is the real obstacle.

Second, the power of the cell phone signal jammer is very small, only 20 to 30 meters. The phone base is not disturbed at all. In addition, using it in specific occasions will undoubtedly endanger public information security. The frequency of the electromagnetic signal emitted by it is completely within the working frequency band of the designated mobile phone in the country, and the electromagnetic signal has been in a relatively static and constant state, so the interference of ordinary mobile phone signals will not affect other signals. electronic devices. It doesn’t affect people’s brains or people’s normal thinking.

So the above is the answer to whether the mobile phone signal jammer has an effect on the human body, please rest assured and treat the mobile phone jammer rationally and scientifically.

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