Precautions for installing cell phone signal jammers

The main function of the school’s mobile cell phone jammer is to prevent the leakage of information in the examination room and ensure the fairness and justice of the examination. However, we need to install it properly when using the device

1. Installation location.

The components of a cell phone signal jammer generally include: a host, an antenna and a power adapter. When installing a mobile phone jammer, because there is a strong signal magnetic field within a certain distance (usually 20-30cm) between the host and the antenna, and there is also magnetic field interference around the 220V power cord (usually 5-10cm), so the installation of various components How the location is placed is very important. Improper placement may interfere with the transmission of shielded signals and affect the shielding effect.

Second, the installation distance.

The power adapter should be more than 20 cm away from the host; (if the power supply cannot be kept far away due to the limitation of the installation environment, the power adapter can be placed under the shielded host. After using this method, the power adapter will still be affected by the shielding The interference of some strong magnetic fields of the host is smaller than that of the power adapter near the two sides of the host. There is no strong wire (AC 220V) within 20cm around the antenna; (including embedded on the left and right sides of the antenna, above the antenna, and the wall where the antenna is located High-voltage dark wires, etc. If it is unavoidable, please try not to be within 10 cm of the antenna)

Third, the installation details.

1. The installation height of the protective cover should not be lower than 1.8m from the ground.

2. When the installation position is less than 200m from the signal tower, the shielding effect is inversely proportional to the distance from the base station. That is, the closer the tower, the smaller the shielding radius.

3. Tighten the antenna before powering on. The antenna should be kept vertical (⊥). The numbers marked on the antenna should correspond one-to-one with the numbers marked on the antenna hole on the host. Don’t plug it wrong, don’t turn it on without connecting the antenna.

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