Cell Phone Jammers Avoid Unhealthy Lifestyles

Yesterday at the scene, before the candidates entered the classroom, the invigilators would check the candidates’ seating charts issued by the school, including the candidates’ candidates’ numbers and photos of the students, in order to prevent the phenomenon of taking the test. Among them, the invigilators in the examination room are also equipped with mobile cell phone jammer. If a student enters the examination room with a mobile phone, the detector will “di-di” alarm.

In addition, video surveillance is implemented in the examination room, and a round gray metal disc is hung on the wall of the examination room, which can detect whether the signal of the examination room is abnormal. Once an obvious abnormal signal is found, the relevant technicians of the examination room will analyze the data to detect whether there is cheating by radio equipment such as walkie-talkies. In addition, there is a cell phone jammer under the podium to block 3G and 4G signals throughout the classroom.

Many electronic products have entered people’s modern life. It will become more and more convenient in your daily life. However, it can cause many problems. Information leaks and GPS tracking on mobile phones are more frequent. Technology and performance continue to mature. It is a threat to our lives. Cell phone jammers have become a good assistant for people. It will interfere with CDMA, GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G and Wifi signals. Really the best option. A healthy lifestyle is very important. A cell phone jammer is a must. With the improvement of living standards, unhealthy lifestyles also emerge in endlessly.

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