Cell Phone Signal Jammers Protect Your Peaceful Day

First of all, this handle mobile phone signal jammer has a strong interference ability. It has 3 wireless antennas, but it can disconnect 5 frequency bands. The purpose is to disconnect the GPS and CDMAGSMDCSPCS data signals at the same time. The 10 meter radius of influence lies in the receiver sensitivity in a given area. This mini handheld cell phone and cell phone jammer not only blocks cell phone data signals, but also data signals. Therefore, you can also enjoy a peaceful daily life, and at the same time, you can also enjoy a high-quality daily life without being tracked by others. This cell phone jammer also protects my family and friends.

What’s more, with the mini portable design, you can apply the mini compact design at will, this mobile phone jammer provides more convenience for our daily life. You can also send it to all the areas you need. You can also use it however you want. In addition, this 5-band portable cell phone jammer can also create a calm natural environment for you at the same time. When used casually, the mobile phone loses the function of long-distance texting and calling.

Yesterday, at the National Chess Individual Tournament, the reporter accidentally discovered three gray musical instruments. Approaching the observation, it turned out to be a professional mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room. According to the organizer, in order to prevent the players from cheating, a mobile phone jammer was specially installed at the scene two days ago. Chess games also need to beware of “old thousand”, which sounds confusing. “Human-machine fusion” has a history of thousands of years. The so-called “man-machine combination” refers to deceiving players and outsiders through chess software operations.

The Chinese chess software developed on the basis of the chess software has reached a very high level. For those lucky enough, chess software becomes their cheating accomplice. At the 6th Yijie Cup Chess Open held in Nanjing in March this year, a “cheating door” incident was exposed. Guangxi amateur chess player Gao Hansheng became the first liar caught in Chinese chess history.

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