Cell phone signal jammer controls the communication status of electronic equipment

Searching on the Internet with the keywords of “mobile cell phone jammer” and “car jammer”, it is found that the phenomenon of “car jammer” being sold online is very common, and the price varies according to the strength of the function. On the “Super Car Shielding Jammer” sold by an online store, its product description also states: The shielding interference distance is more than 100 meters. It is a powerful remote shielding mobile phone jammer, which can shield and interfere with all interference in in the market. The latest models of Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen series and more. As a buyer, contact a seller who sells cell phone jammers.

During the discussion, the seller said: “Buy the product, you can pay on delivery, and you can also inspect the car.” At the same time, the seller also said that the best product in his hand can interfere with more than 90% of the models, even luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Brands are also in the field of interference. Regarding the price, the seller bluntly said that the products with good effects are naturally expensive, and the cheap ones are limited editions.

Cell phone jammers, while they emit radiation, won’t kill you with a stick. Mobile phones, microwave ovens, and TVs all have radiation. Why is no one called to stop it? “According to a person familiar with the matter, behind the introduction of the ‘human hazard theory’ of cell phone signal jammers, there is actually a conflict of interest: a market battle between cell phone detectors and cell phone signal jammers. The person pointed out that the initiators opposed cell phone jamming. The detector is precisely the manufacturer of the detector. The mobile phone detector is also called “mobile phone jammer”. It judges the communication status of the mobile phone by receiving, analyzing and detecting the mobile phone signal, and then intuitively displays the mobile phone within a specific range. Communication status, before a large number of mobile phone jammers appeared,

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