Antenna is the soul of cell phone jammer

According to customer feedback, a relatively traditional mobile phone signal jammer system solution has been installed before, that is, through one or more groups of high-power hosts, using RF cables to transmit to various areas requires shielding. Indoor antennas in each area transmit signals from cell phone screens. cell phone jammer. In fact, the application of this scheme in new domestic projects is rare and outdated. Because there are more and more frequency bands and standards for mobile phones, and the frequency span is also very large, a high-power host (the signal source of the mobile phone shielding signal), multiple frequency bands must be combined into one or two RF cables, and then transmitted to each node. , which will bring several problems: first, it will cause more power attenuation, such as feeder errors in the signal transmission path, adapter errors, etc.; second, the number of each transmitting antenna terminal will be limited, generally no more than 1 Or 2 hosts need ten points. Third, due to the combination of multiple frequency bands, the requirements for the antenna are also very high.

Students’ addiction to mobile phones is a headache for parents and schools alike. A school in Fuyang came up with a “new method”: install mobile phone signal jammers on the campus and turn it on at regular intervals every night to prevent students from playing with their mobile phones at night. However, in the past two days, there have been constant voices on the Internet. Some residents said that when using mobile phones at home, the signal was unstable, and they suspected that it was related to the school’s mobile phone signal jammer. However, to have good intentions, you have to use the right approach. How cell phone jammers work is simple. It uses the frequency emitted to influence the frequency of the cell phone signal. To put it bluntly, “loud is better than whispering” when speaking. The management department also stated: “The shielding device belongs to a type of radio station. Except for the radio stations with less influence such as mobile phone communication terminals and household mobile phone signal jammers, which do not require approval, all other radio stations are related to the use of frequencies. It needs to be obtained. Approval.” It can be seen that the issues involved here are not simple, it can’t be installed by pretending, and it is impossible for anyone to pretend.

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