The shielding effect of mobile phone jammers is related to the wall material

cell phone jammer devices emit radio frequency signals designed for cell phone signals. When encountering obstacles in the transmission path, the attenuation will be different, and the error degree of different obstacles is different. The whole steel-concrete wall or brick-concrete wall, a reinforced concrete wall and two consecutive brick-concrete walls can basically attenuate the shielded mobile phone signal, so shielding the mobile phone signal is usually impossible. If you pass through the wall, after all, it blocks the mobile phone signal (wireless signal), not X-rays, and does not have the ability to penetrate directly. When passing through the wall, there will be certain refraction and reflection when it encounters the wall. In some cases, different wall materials have different degrees of attenuation for shielding mobile phone signals. For example, the wall is made of light steel keel gypsum board, its attenuation is small, such as glass, wooden doors, etc., the attenuation is also small. In addition, if the mobile phone signal is blocked, it will also have a certain impact on the back of the wall through the open space of doors and windows or through the reflection and refraction of the wall, thus giving people an illusion of strong penetration.

5G cell phone jammers are like an invisible wall separating society. If not standardized, cities can easily form information islands. Its installation and use should follow the principle of small quantity. The purpose of blocking mobile phone signals is to allow students to study, rest and stop playing games with peace of mind. Now, mobile phones and games are almost a serious challenge in the field of education. Some time ago, a middle school teacher in Hangzhou wrote an article criticizing a recently popular mobile game, saying that the game has gradually turned mobile phones into “black Internet cafes”. The students also said bitterly: “Teacher, I can’t control myself.” In order to pull the students out of the quagmire, it is necessary to take some unconventional management measures, such as banning the use of mobile phones and games. Schools need to do something about this. Blocking mobile phone signals to draw wages from the bottom is definitely more effective than calling teachers, checking wards, and formulating strict management measures.

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