Are cell phone jammers harmful to everyday life?

In another class group, the news reporter learned that in addition to using mobile phones to contact relatives at school, girls also use mobile phones to buy things on Taobao, check Weibo, and play WeChat on mobile phones. Some girls also use their smartphones to easily play Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other overseas diplomatic software. At this stage, students have a wide variety of cell phones. Most cell phones used by students are smartphones. You can play games, watch TV, visit Baidu Tieba, chat and make friends… Colleges and universities clearly stipulate that students use mobile phones reasonably and are prohibited from applying on campus. I don’t know that some students have weak self-control, especially after turning off the lights at night, and some students play mobile phones until late at night, which seriously endangers the knowledge of the next day, so that they gradually become sleepy the next morning, and have a long-term lack of sleep.

It will continue to endanger physical and mental health. In order to better prevent students from playing mobile phones in school, especially when they sleep and play with mobile phones with the lights turned off, which affects their learning knowledge, the junior high school has installed multiple mobile cell phone jammer. Lai Zhonglin said that the key to mobile phone jammers is around the dormitory, and the opening time is Within a certain time frame, not 24 hours. The usage time during the exam is slightly better than usual. The mobile phone jammers installed in colleges and universities are all in line with this year’s college entrance examination application standards and have safety precautions. At the same time, the school leaders also visited and investigated the nearby residents and businesses, and learned from China Unicom that the mobile phone jammer did not cause any harm to the normal daily life in the vicinity.

To put it bluntly, the high efficiency of shielding is whether there are blind spots and loopholes in the actual effect of shielding. Around some prisons, there may be transmission and communication base stations with strong data signals. In order to better achieve a good shielding effect, a very large amount of materials and vitality need to be consumed, and the cost will also be greatly increased. . So the better the actual effect of the mobile phone jammer, the higher the cost. In specific applications, the shielding regulations in the prison area are generally high, and there is a slight leakage phenomenon in the blind area.

A staff member who violates the rules may seize the loophole in the system, prompting to use the phone in the otherwise required shielded area, but cannot. The original intention of blocking mobile phones. If the original requirement is no problem, the service life is 1 year, and the specific application is no problem to achieve 3 years, and the cost performance is 3 times higher. If the original requirements are no problem, the service life is 1 year. In specific applications, common faults often appear in less than half a year.

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