There are many types of cell phone jammers

Yesterday, about the use of mobile cell phone jammer, the reporter interviewed Mr. Song of the law firm and Director Liu, engineer of Luohe Radio Management Office. Lawyer Song told reporters that mobile phone jammers are products that have been used in recent years, and national laws and regulations are still blank. Engineer Liu said that there are many types of mobile phone jammers, and the quality is uneven.

Due to full-frequency coverage, mobile phones, Unicom mobile phones, and PHS will lose their signals after being activated in the shielding magnetic field generated by them, affecting normal communication. It is understood that there are currently about 30 or 40 companies engaged in the production of mobile phone jammers in China. Most of the manufacturers are small township enterprises, and the product quality is uneven. Poor-quality cell phone jammers can cause harm to the human body, causing visual disturbances, sensory disturbances, mood changes, confusion, and even fainting.

Now most junior high schools and college students have their own mobile devices, I think we are in the era of mobile Internet. With high-tech communication equipment, it is possible to understand and deepen the understanding of the outside world, and the convenience of communication will increase. Here’s the problem, so you may need a cell phone jammer. This is a useful tool. However, sometimes I also run into other people’s troubles. I shouted to protect my etiquette, but I wasn’t thorough. Cell phone signal interference can solve this problem. Install it to secure the shield. This is a widely used portable cell phone jammer.

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